Second Chances


InQuire more:  Most everyone has deserved a second chance at some point in their life – another opportunity to be seen, heard, or understood more clearly. Was there a time when you were mistakenly assessed as something or someone you’re not, or just made a mistake from which someone couldn’t seem to rebound? What happened? Why do we decide to give someone or something a second chance?

Second chances take courage – an openness of the heart – because we always risk being disappointed, rejected, or hurt in that space of uncertainty. At the same time, we must honor our intuition – our instincts – when it comes to returning to something or someone anew. If your gut says to keep clear, honor that sense and be self-protective. But remembering when someone gave you a second chance can help us see the humanity in everyone – and help us see where we might want to bestow forgiveness, open ourselves to trusting that someone might not be what we thought, or give that opportunity another chance at changing your life.


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