The Courage To Create


Inspired by: A quote by Henri Matisse, “Creativity takes courage.” I reflected on this Q through the lens of my own experience of returning to creativity. Although I started playing the piano when I was only 5, and played and sang my entire young life, I always felt like there was a panel of judges standing before me, judging. It crippled my vision of my own future, and drove my musical love underground for too many years. When I returned to it in my 40s, having had one of those “someday I’ll die and no one will know I even played,” life epiphanies, I unknowingly launched a long and difficult journey back to my creative self. It was a rocky path of learning to love myself, and to simultaneously learn that anything I created was simply an expression of my mind and love, and not something that was up for review. Amazing what happens when you power through what limits you, and you learn to love how and what and why you were born to create.


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