Finding The Good in Goodbye



2 thoughts on “Finding The Good in Goodbye

  1. What a perfect question for me today. The vet is coming later tonight to put my dog to sleep. I have known for 2 months that this day was coming. Still hard. I have used this time to be ready. I won’t be. But I have taken the time to do the best I can by my friend. Extra snuggle time on the couch, special treats, enjoying the extra care that he requires now; watching his slow decline. The good will be in letting him go while he can still stumble along, just eating a bit, still in control of his functions. The good will be in providing a peaceful at home ending with his pack. Me, his father, his litter mate sister and adopted brother. We will all be here to witness his going, to know what happened to him. Here in our home not letting it become an emergency visit in the middle of the night. I hope it is a peaceful goodbye. I hope that I cry.


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