Travel as Therapy

The Daily Q #150

InQuire more: Inspired by The School of Life, London, which has created a fascinating side project called The Book of Life.  Therein, they pause to reflect on why we choose to travel. If, as they say, we are all on some kind of inner journey, why would we not choose a complementary outer journey? Here’s a brief excerpt from Chapter 5 of The Book of Life: Travel As Therapy:

“Without anything mystical being meant by it, all of us are involved in one way or another on what could be termed ‘an inner journey’: that is, we’re trying to develop in particular ways. We might be searching for how to be calmer or how to find a way to rethink our goals, we might long for a greater sense of confidence or an escape from debilitating feelings of envy.

Ideally, where we go should help us with our attempts at these longed-for pieces of psychological evolution. The outer journey should assist us with the inner one. But for this to happen, we need to be clearer in our minds both what we’re searching for inside and what the outer world could conceivably deliver for us.”



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