The Daily Q #108

InQuire more:  Inspired by Kate Hanleywriter, speaker, coach, and author of A Year of Daily Calm and The Anywhere, Anytime Chill GuideGet Kate’s timely wisdom on finding calm in your everyday life in this Huffington Post interview with award-winning book-writing coach, Lisa Tener.

“Devote some amount of time on a mostly regular basis to cultivating calm, and you will begin to notice that your buttons don’t get pushed quite as frequently or as strongly as they once did. You’ll enjoy your own company more, as will the people you come in contact with. You’ll help others find their own inner calm, simply by modeling the way. It’s a lovely ripple effect that reaches well beyond your own self.” – Kate Hanley


2 thoughts on “Calm

  1. I made space for quiet and realized how much I need to do this more. I’m also finding that my Qigong practice is creating calm and balance. Calm seems underrated in our culture and I am only just realizing its value–thanks to Qigong, Kate and the nudgings of the universe.


    1. I could not agree more, Lisa! Like you, I’ve been practicing Qigong and meditating for years, and have come to cherish the grounding, focus, and self-love it unfailingly brings. Here’s to more calm and time together in 2016.


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