The Daily Q #49

InQuire more: Watch a marvelous video capturing day 1 of a 21-day random acts of kindness experiment by 3 college friends during finals week at the University of Virginia; read why former bond trader-turned photographer Brandon Stanton began talking to strangers on the streets of New York, and what he learned from creating Humans of New York; and see how LA-based jewelry company, The Giving Keys, took on a charitable dimension after actor/songwriter Caitlin Crosby struck up a conversation with a couple named Rob and Cera sitting under an umbrella on Hollywood Boulevard with a sign reading ‘Ugly, Broke, & Hungry.’

Today’s Daily Q was inspired by the traditional African wisdom of Ubuntu. This philosophy, often described simply as, “I am because you are,” recognizes and honors the shared essence within humanity and the obligation we all have to treat one another with love, compassion and unity. Learn more about Ubuntu in this captivating short film from  Global Oneness Project.


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